HSA is a top tier playfield restoration company.  We do NOT use stickers, decals or overlays in our restorations. All of our restorations are done with paint and airbrushing.    Woodgrain areas are airbrushed to hide bulb burn and other damage.   Clear coating is done in our temperature controlled spray booth.   Average turnaround time is 3-6 months.  Cost, depend on the condition of the base playfield, ranges on average $400-$850 for MOST playfield restorations. 

Before you send in your playfield:  All playfields must be stripped of all parts on both sides.  Please check and re-glue or epoxy all inserts before you send in your playfield.  We will not be responsible for loose inserts.  A loose insert will cause clear coat issues (like ghosting) if the insert shifts or is loose.  We know how to remove mylar so we prefer that you let us remove the mylar. 

Below show examples on how we repair playfields without using stickers, decals or overlays.